Watching The Wipers Times I wondered how a play about World War 1 could be so funny and entertaining, yet it was.

The play covers aspects of the first world war which are serious but it is wonderful to see that even in times of such depression and sadness that there were glimpses of light with a slight distraction such as writing a newspaper.

The wonderful writers of the piece Ian Hislop and Nick Newman have both written a wonderful play with wonderful wit.

For a play based on a true story it is very clever how it is put together. The added elements of the music hall which was very popular at the time adds an element of entertainment one might not expect. It is a beautiful tribute to the people who actually created the wipers times during the war and even though as with so many things there were some people who did not agree with the writings it served its main purpose which was to be a cheery distraction for the men fighting such a dreadful war.

If you get the chance I would highly recommend this play and it is one I wold gladly sit through again.

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