Mythic the musical was an enjoyable piece of theatre that taught me a little about the Greek Gods that I did not know before.

The pop/rock musical was fun and I did find myself leaving the theatre singing a song or two from the show. There are themes in the show which resonate with aspects of my own life so I am able to feel how certain characters may be feeling.

The cast all have wonderful voices, all very strong as well as being quite soulful which is always pleasant to listen too. All the actors on stage looked as though they were enjoying themselves, this always seems to make performances more entertaining to watch.

The audiences take a little warming up the show but a few songs in they seemed to be enjoying themselves and the show more as it progressed.

The Charing Cross Theatre is a wonderful little theatre where there is a great view from every seat and even sitting more than half way back one has a perfectly clear view of the stage. There is also a wonderful bar for those lucky enough to arrive early enough to sit in it.

I am very much looking forward to the release of the cast album. It seems quite rare nowadays for an off-west end production to have a cast recording but I am very glad this one will.


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