Songs For Nobodies is on at the Ambassadors Theatre until the 23rd February, don’t miss out on this one woman show of amazement.

Story telling is an art and to be able to tell several stories and add in the beautiful dulcet tones of each of the singers is a true talent and Bernadette Robinson’s is a true talent indeed. She has a beautiful tone to her voice and wonderful clarity, every note she sings touches the soul and you can feel it.

I really liked the smell of tea drifting around the theatre, with each new cup of hot water mixed with something that was made the smell grew richer and sweeter, it made me want to go tea tasting after the show.

I teared up a little when a story was told about the stars, it was a delicate moment in the show.

You can book your tickets in person at the theatre, and some lovely folk they were to me or you can book online.


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