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Six Months ago i saw the last musical theatre production that I would see for a while and as the months went by I did not think that I would be able to see any showcase, musical or play for the rest of 2020. However, I was in luck, there is a theatre in Wembley that with a smaller audience that the venue could hold is willing to put on a show.

Troubadour Wembley Theatre is a new venue that has opened up with the ability to show theatre shows. The theatre capacity was about half of what the venue could hold to comply with the government social distancing guidelines. I went by myself and they had many single seats available for people in my situation which was useful. When I got to the venue I had my temperature checked and had to wear my face mask from this point throughout my time in the venue except when I was having a drink. When I went to buy a programme they said they were only accepting contactless payments. There were several tables with the large hand sanatising bottles on them for everyone to use. Social distancing queueing did not really happen when people were waiting to go into the venue and despite there being tape on the floor people were not leaving a lot of space.

Overall I would say that the venue did a good job taking care of the governmental guidelines. I understand that there may not be enough members of staff at the venue to enforce the 6 metre rule when queueing.

The show itself was sweet and moved along at a gentle place. As it has been a while since I have seen the film I enjoyed following the story. There was no particularly catchy song during the show or big show stopping numbers. The entire cast seemed to be giving their all which is always great to see. It is not a show I would feel the need to rush back to see anytime soon but if a friend wanted to go I would go with them.

The audience were a little quiet, maybe the masks muffled the sounds of laughter a bit. There was a reasonable amount of clapping after each of the songs and a few audience members even stood during the bows.

If you are an avid theatre goer who has missed going to the theatre then I would say go and see the show as part of your enjoyment will probably come from being back in a theatre as it may have been a while since you have gone. Also, if you enjoyed the movie you may enjoy the musical as from what I can remember it is pretty true to it.

I would like to say a thank you to the cast, crew and front of house team for being brave enough to put on a show at this time.


One thought on “Sleepless The Musical

  1. I go to musicals every year.

    So far, I only saw one musical this year. Come From Away toured to Charlotte in January. In addition to that musical, I also saw an opera that same month: La Bohème.

    I really hoped to see Anastasia and Frozen this year, but both postponed


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