Sometimes I will be watching a movie and I will hear a melody in the background and think I really like that and I wish I could find it. The Parent Trap (1998) was no exception. There were several moments whilst I watched the film when I thought how beautiful a piece of music was.

I was in luck when I found the classical soundtrack for the movie by Alan Silvestri. I have enjoyed many soundtracks that Alan Silvestri has done. I won’t name them here but I am sure if you continue to follow my rambles you will see in future posts some more mentions of his work.

One of my favourite pieces of music from the soundtrack is probably ‘Changes’ which if you don’t know is the moment in the film the twins cut hair and pierce ears to look identical. *Spoiler* bit late if you haven’t seen the movie at all. This was a soundtrack that I discovered after watching the film but I am pretty sure having listened to it many times now I would have gone to watch the movie having listened to it.

The overall album I would say is quite relaxing to listen to. I have put it on in the evening to try to help me unwind after a busy day and it definitely does the job. However, once I start listening to the soundtrack I start to see the scenes that happen with the music and it just makes me want to watch the movie again. I do not mind as it is a movie I enjoy and as I never watched it a lot growing up I haven’t got to a stage where I may be bored with the film.

I like the use of instruments throughout the soundtrack, several instruments are shown off and despite it being quite a relaxing album it still has a few moments of tension within some of the pieces.

If you wanted to put on some classical music to unwind at any time of day I feel as though this soundtrack would do the job. As most of the music is at a similar level you would not have to constantly be changing the volume that you set the music at, but I will say if you set it too quiet there may be a couple of moments of music you wouldn’t here.

As I write this, surprise, surprise, I am listening to the soundtrack. I appreciate that the soundtrack even has the Disney logo theme on it.

I also have the pop album for this film, so technically if I got the order right I could have almost every moment of the film playing through my head listening to the albums putting the songs between the classical pieces but that my be considered a little sad. I can’t say I have done that yet but I have definitely thought about it.

I feel I have rambled on a for a while so here is where I will end this view on The Parent Trap album by Alan Silvestri. Thank you for taking the time to read and if you have not listened to the soundtrack I wonder if this will inspire you to go away and have a relaxing hour or so listening to it.


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