The Wipers Times Play

Watching The Wipers Times I wondered how a play about World War 1 could be so funny and entertaining, yet it was.

The play covers aspects of the first world war which are serious but it is wonderful to see that even in times of such depression and sadness that there were glimpses of light with a slight distraction such as writing a newspaper.

The wonderful writers of the piece Ian Hislop and Nick Newman have both written a wonderful play with wonderful wit.

For a play based on a true story it is very clever how it is put together. The added elements of the music hall which was very popular at the time adds an element of entertainment one might not expect. It is a beautiful tribute to the people who actually created the wipers times during the war and even though as with so many things there were some people who did not agree with the writings it served its main purpose which was to be a cheery distraction for the men fighting such a dreadful war.

If you get the chance I would highly recommend this play and it is one I wold gladly sit through again.

The Height Of The Storm Play

I had the opportunity to see the play The Height of the Storm in the west end recently and I found it to be very thought provoking.
I will not spoil the story for those who have not seen it but it definitely touches on some are of personal life that many people may have experienced themselves. I know elements of it I have seen during my life time and through my family.

The actors in the play were wonderful and brought each character to life in a believable way. There are a few twists in the play which really make you wonder where the play is going and what is real and what is not.

The play have been translated from a French play originally seems to have translated well and even though covering a serious topic there were a few moments of laughter during the play.

As the play is only 1 hour and 30 minutes straight through you do not feel as though you are sitting still for that long. The scene changes are quick and the set is simple which I think helps with the quick scene changes.

Bat Out Of Hell The Musical

I had the chance to see Bat Out Of Hell the other day. I got my ticket through the ‘TodayTix” app. I was sat in the Stalls and the view from my seat was very good. The seat was comfortable and there was a reasonable amount of legroom which included my bag being by my feet.

I found the story of the show a little odd, by the end I could see little elements of Peter Pan but that could be me reading more into it with the character called ‘Tink’.

I enjoyed the scenes with the songs I knew by Meatloaf, but I did realise whilst watching the show there were quite a few songs I had not heard before.

The female leads were all vocally very strong and it was a pleasure to watch them especially. The mum character had a wonderful voice and was probably my favourite character. I liked that the parents were used as the comedy characters sometimes. It was great to see the audience on their feet at the end of the show during the bows.

I do not think that I would go back to see this show again but I am glad that I got to experience the show. I know that not all shows are to everyone’s taste and there will be people that do not agree with my opinion but there will be shows I love that they do not enjoy.

Time Difference

So for years now one of my best friends has lived 6 hours behind me. I have never understood how time-wise it made a difference until I went to stay with her for a couple of weeks and suddenly realising how trying to contact people 6 hours makes a huge difference. I know I spent the first couple of days sending messages to friends in the early hours of the morning and having to apologise when I woke up.

I feel it is only the moment when you have a larger time difference of 6 hours or more that you realise how annoying it can be being the person 6 hours behind and not being able to send messages whilst you are awake because the people you want to message are sleeping.

Something which is going to be fun is when I go back to 6 hours ahead, I will possibly have to deal with jet lag. Interesting information going back six hours I did not seem to be too affected by jet lag but that could be because I have slightly interesting sleeping pattern anyway and I had been up for a long time before. I have slept in a little on a few days when I have fallen back to sleep after waking up at 4am in the morning.

In my head I know when I am supposed to go to sleep when I get back to six hours ahead but trying to factor in the time I am travelling and whether or not it is worth sleeping on the journey is a little confusing. I am a little sad that in a way I am sort of losing some time on my birthday but I have had a wonderful 2 weeks that I hope as I have to go straight back to work and don’t have time to relax.

The point of this is that I understand why my friend can’t always talk…I think I need a second clock in my life with my friends time zone time on it.

Apologies for my rambles in this post. Thanks for listening.

My first yoga class

So I went to my first ever yoga class today. What i discovered, if you can do all the positions, even the easier versions and not the harder ones then I am sure it is a very relaxing experience and you feel as though you have had a massage after it. However, when you have a spinal cord injury, as I do, some of the positions aggravate your back causing pain to the point where you may shed a tear and the teacher of the class is afraid to move you incase of doing more harm to you.

Several years ago I had a bad fall on compact snow where I jolted my spine. I went through the process of physiotherapy twice. I still do some of the exercises nowadays when I feel my back requires a little more flexibility and to help reduce any pain I may be feeling.

Anyway, I hope that should I have the chance to go to another Yoga class I will be more confident and even though I may not be able to part take in the full class it did seem to be a relaxing atmosphere which I hope I would be more happy to relax in.

The class I went to today cost only ¬£5 for 1 hour’s lesson. This is very good value and with a wonderful view to look out on and the class only having 6 people so not too busy, it was a wonderful class to attend. The teacher who we had was a cover teacher and she was very polite and caring towards everyone in the class included myself.

A short and sweet post today. Thanks for following and reading.

Holiday to America…The southern states.

So after many, many years of not going abroad I finally had the chance to visit a good friend of mine who lives in Louisiana. I had a wonderful exploring the area that she grew up in and the sites of the famous city of New Orleans. We also crossed the border…so to speak…into Mississippi. I saw the Mississippi river several times.
I discovered that not only are there the wonderful sites and places to visit in the city of New Orleans but there are also some wonderful parks you can walk around the marshy areas, we even saw a snake on one of our walks….a poisonous one at that. I really that a lot of houses in the area are huge and were my image of the size of an American house based on the various films I have seen over the years.
My friend has a piano in her house so I had the chance on a few of the days to sit down and play some Einaudi which I know off by heart. It was a lovely sound from the piano, even if the keys were a little heavier than I was used too.
Small things in the house such as the size of the rooms or the light switches were like what I had seen in a film or two and it seemed very odd to me that these small details were accurate as well.
The accent in the south is quite a unique one and one of the most common phrases I hear time and time again is “y’all”, which I have picked up a little and may have said a few times. Another word which I have picked up is “Awesome”. This is a word I definitely did not say a lot growing up or even during my time as an adult, I do not recall saying this word a lot but it is a word I seem to use more frequently in this environment.
I have heard several people say to me that they like my accent, which to me is odd because I have heard myself on recordings and I do not think I have a particularly soft or gentle tone to my voice and I think my voice can sound more well spoken than I actually am.
Living with an American family I would say is a wonderful experience because you are constantly surrounded by the southern accent and as they go about their day to day lives and you are able to be involved by joining them to watch television programmes they watch whilst they have their morning coffee and how they sit in the living having conversations you get to be apart of, even if you are only apart of it because they are asking you questions about how it is different in England, it is interesting to be able to compare the two countries.

I hope that I have not droned on for too long but I have enjoyed writing this little post about my trip to Louisiana and Mississippi. Thanks for listening.

Tomb Raider 2018

I had the chance to see the new Tomb Raider movie. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it and would happy pay to see the movie again.

Now, I am one of the few people who did not grow up with a Playstation of any kind nor an Xbox, I got to watch television or play a musical instrument or listen to music during my childhood. We did have a Wii which I got to play with for a about a month but then it was put away for good. So, basically I have not played the Lara Croft game on any platform. I did not know what the story should be or how well it follows the game.

I have seen the previous Tomb Raider films and I enjoyed them. I do generally enjoy the genre that this film falls into. The pace of the film seemed to move forward without hanging around on certain areas too long. The cast were wonderful especially the leading lady.

I enjoyed the soundtrack whilst watching the film and I sure that I will add it to my movie soundtrack collections.

The film is definitely worth the watch and I hope that should they make a follow up film that it stays at the high level that this film is at. As we all know that there are many films where it feels as though the second or third film are not as strong in many ways from writing to acting.

I am hoping this cast stays for the second film and that the new characters that are added are up to the par of this cast.

Thank you for listening!

42nd Street London

I had the privilege to see 42nd Street London the other day, it was a wonderful and joyful show. I could not keep myself from smiling throughout the performance. The entire cast are wonderful and bring so much energy to every performance of the show, and they truly are one of the most talented casts in the West End at the moment.

I was given the opportunity to go backstage after the show, I got to stand on the stage, see the sets and costumes as well as hold one of the coins which is danced on during the show. The stage is one of the biggest I had stood on and the costumes including the shoes looked beautiful.

I intend to see this show as many more times as I can to see the phenomenal  performances given by every member of the cast from the leads to the ensemble and swings. I have seen all of the first understudies for the main roles and even had the chance to see a second understudy or two and all of them are great, they definitely make the part their own, which is a joy to see.

The orchestra for this show deserves a mention for the amount of music they play throughout each performance and the musicians are brilliant and always seem to be enjoying themselves especially during the music they play at the end of the show when the curtain has dropped.

The costumes in the show are beautiful and there are several that I would quite gladly wear myself if I could, I guess it helps that my casual and dress-up style of clothes ranges from around the 1920s to the 1940s. The quick changes that the cast have to do are a little insane especially for the 42nd Street routine but it is always done so flawlessly.

The fabulous Bonnie Langford has joined the show recently and does such a wonderful job as the Diva that is Dorothy Brock.

Special mention should be made for Clare Halse who plays Peggy Sawyer, how she does 8 shows a week I don’t think we will ever know, this lady has such energy to keep going for just over 18 months seems nearly impossible. Can we create an award for her to congratulate her on such strength to keep going.

I hope if you have had the chance to see the show that you enjoyed it as much as I did and that if you haven’t that you get the chance too. I always enjoy taking friends to watch this show for the first time and when the enjoy it enough to say they’d go back that makes me happy. It is a pleasure to share such a beautifully done show with people.

It seems such a shame that Drury Lane theatre is closing down for refurbishments but the cast definitely deserve a rest after this run, notably the cast who have been with the show since the beginning. Do not miss out on this show!

42nd Street – The Stage Musical

I had the chance to see 42nd Street on stage at Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

I think the show is wonderful and the cast are phenomenal. The tapping in the show seems almost unreal at points the level at which the performers have to adhere too.

I love an old style musical and I love tap dancing so it is basically everything I love for a stage musical.

I hope as many people as possible have the chance to see this show. I know this is the broadway version of the show which was created a few years back but I heard from a musician who played on the original show of 42nd Street when it was on stage nearly 40 years ago that the scores are near enough identical now as they were back in the day. It makes me happy that so much of the original score is still being used today even if the staging of the show may have been updated a little.

The orchestra do a wonderful job throughout the show playing almost non-stop. It is also lovely to be at a show where the orchestra have a few points where the attention is on them and they seemed to get a good response from the audience on each of the occasions they play when nothing is happening on the stage.

Borrow My Doggy

I recently signed up and joined up Borrow My Doggy. I had grown up with a dog who was a labrador. I still miss him even though he passed away several years ago.

I figured I’d give Borrow My Doggy a chance and see what it was like. I have so far had to chance to meet one dog several times and go on a walk with her. She is a lovely Yorkshire Terrier.

Even with such a brief time as a member on the website I can say it has been interesting and fun so far. I have had a few more offers to walk some other dogs which I cannot wait to do. I really enjoy having dogs in my life again and it definitely helps my mood in general as I see to be a bit happier when I have a dog around but this could be because they love being hugged and stroked and playing games which I love to do with them.

I think the website is a really good idea whether people are just being kind enough to allow fellow dog lovers the chance to meet a variety of dogs and be allowed to spend time with dogs or if it is actually helping people who for whatever reason cannot get out enough to take their dogs for a walk.