I had the chance to see the West End 2018 production of Company recently and I must say that the show was flawless down to every detail from the singing to the timing of the performers dancing on the stage.

A Sondheim production will always be a flawless production as this man writes great work and it should always be performed so. Though the works are considered a little harder sometimes by testing abilities of performers with word-y numbers the music is a joy to listen too.

The stories which Sondheim tells are stories that applies closely to people’s lives – so in some ways people feel attachment to the shows in some way or another and when one feels an attachment emotions begin to take hold and before you know it a tear is falling down your cheek as you realise part of what you are watching is your life.

It is always good to have people keep you in check about ones live but sometimes it is harder to hear in the spoken word and a musical which depicts some of your life is a slightly easier way to hear what people may be thinking about you.

I myself have reached an age where over the past few years family members have said when are you going to get married and have children. These are both things that I think I do want but seeing some relationships go sour it has made the idea of marriage a little harder especially as I have been brought up Roman Catholic (or Catholic) where divorce is not an option. To add to this I have had some people in my live discuss marriage with me but I had to turn them down as politely as one can as I realised I am not ready for it. I recently went to through a long term relationship (just over 2 years) where at the end of it the other person said we should end it over the phone. Now do not get me wrong I know there are worse ways to have ones heart broken but as far as break ups go that was not pleasant and it has definitely set me back in pursing another committed relationship.

I have some medical issues that I have had over the years which may mean that I cannot have children. This is not a definite but if a partner wanted a child and I was unable to have one of my own — I know one can adopt or foster — then sometimes that can put a strain on a relationship.

This show also made me think about career. I would currently say I have a good job which I get a lot of enjoyment out of and it definitely has some work perks which once received or used make one feel lucky shall we say but having gone down a few different routes in terms of work I still feel I need maybe even a year or so for me to find the job I would want to be in before I am to marry and potentially have children.

I would say as far as a show where in this case many aspects apply to my life – I mean like the person in the show I would say I have a wonderful group of friends who do a wonderful job daily of reminding me to enjoy what life throws at you – I watch a show like this through different eyes to someone who is several years younger than I, married with or without children.

The show has been modernised in a way with it’s changes but these do not take anything away from the show, if anything they make it even more relevant to the world we live in now. The cast are wonderful and seem to have such a great chemistry together. Special mention to the wonderful Patti Lupone who seems to help bring the standard of performance by everyone in the show up a little more with her presence.

The show is wonderful and I am glad I finally got to see it due to TodayTix but unfortunately I will not be able to see it before it closes. Please do not miss out on this show as it is a wonderful show that definitely deserves a much longer run in the West End.


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