Summer and smoke is an interesting play and the words have an element of rhythm to them sometimes.

The way the piano’s are used in this version of the play was very clever, all the piano’s looked and sounded beautiful especially when they were all played together. I was a little sad to see board’s had been taken off the pianos but the way they used the instruments in so many different ways was really interesting to watch. It really proves how much of a versatile instrument piano’s really are.

All the actors did a wonderful job especially all the actors who were playing multiple roles and would instantly chop and change between them.

Both the songs in the show were beautifully written and each one performed with such care and ease. They did not seem to out of place in this adaptation of the play.

If you know a little background about the author of the play you would know he had an over-bearing father which is seen quite frequently in his plays and he also had a sister he was very close to which in this play can be seen with the relationship with a couple of characters.


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