I have had the opportunity to watch Mary Poppins Returns twice already this year. The first time I went to the film I was a little tentative because the original Mary Poppins film from 1964 has always been one of my favourite Disney films of all time.

What can I say, the film was wonderful, I laughed so much at the comedy and the music and small references to the original films. I cried a little every time I heard a motif of the original music cleverly hidden in the various songs.

The second time I went to the film I laughed even more than the first time and cried just as much. Disney did a wonderful job with the music writer’s for this film as they really caught the essence of the original films music in this film. I came out of the cinema singing a few of the songs and they are still going around my head non-stop.

I have been told for many years I am a bit like Mary Poppins – whether it is to do with my tidying habits or how much I can fit into my bag. I even once dressed up as Mary Poppins for a fancy dress evening with Guides back in the day. The character is very special to me for that reason.

It was wonderful seeing places in London that I recognise from walking down on my journey’s around the city, especially a certain street that reminded me of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter.

I highly recommend seeing this film if you have not and if you feel like it watch the original Mary Poppins film before you go as I did. I am sure you will enjoy the film and come out singing a song or two.


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